Qualifying for the 2019 Rugby World Cup is vital to the future of the sport in Canada and the health and well-being of all Rugby Canada programs. Every effort is being made to help our Senior Men’s Fifteens team qualify.

Starting April 7th, Canadian rugby players will see that Rugby Canada has increased its National registration dues by $20.00 for participants 12 years of age and over and $5.00 for those 11 years of age and under. For BC Rugby participants, the National dues increase will be initiated at the start of the next registration cycle in September as BC Rugby’s 2018 season is nearly complete.

The sole purpose of this dues increase is to raise approximately $450,000 dollars which will go directly to Rugby Canada’s Senior Men’s Fifteens program’s preparation costs for November’s 2019 Rugby World Cup repachage tournament.

Canada’s Provincial Rugby Unions, Clubs and the entire rugby community have strongly come together to support this crucial initiative to help our team get to Japan in 2019.

In recognition of the commitment rugby participants across the country are making to the national team there will be a moratorium on dues increases for 3 years. Also, the current increase will be revisited next year once the results of the repachage are known.

“We know it is a big ask, and as players we want nothing more than to be successful for our fans across Canada and make you proud. This is a solid plan and we have trust that with your help we will be successful,” said Phil Mack, Captain of Canada’s Men’s Team.

“Obviously this isn’t where any of us would like to be right now, and I can assure you that we are doing everything we can to be physically and mentally ready for the challenge that lies ahead of us. Knowing that we have support from coast-to-coast provides a huge boost for us,” added Mack.

Rugby Canada Chair Tim Powers and Rugby Canada CEO Allen Vansen will hold two public webinars for any member of the rugby public that is interested in getting more details about the current path forward. They will also be using the upcoming Women’s Canada 7s tournament May and the June International Test series to meet with the rugby public and answer questions. Details on the webinars will be released shortly.

“Qualifying for the 2019 Rugby World Cup is of utmost importance for Canadian Rugby and over the next seven months our program will be undertaking a big challenge to ensure that we do everything we can to prepare our athletes for the repechage tournament in November,” said Kingsley Jones, head coach of Canada.

“Financial support from the Provincial Unions, Clubs and Rugby Community will allow our program to make sure we have the appropriate tactical and technical support, coaching resources, analysis and a full-time high-performance daily training environment in Langford. We have organized a comprehensive match schedule, full of both domestic and
international fixtures, over the next seven months and this would not be possible without adequate funding from our partners and fervent supporters,” stated Jones.

“We are incredibly thankful to every registered member from coast-to-coast who support our National Teams and are showing their support for our Men’s Fifteens team as they prepare for the critical repechage tournament in November to book their ticket to the 2019 Rugby World Cup,” said Tim Powers, Chairman of Rugby Canada’s Board of Directors.

“The support provided in our National Teams by our Provincial Unions, Clubs and membership is something we are incredibly appreciative of. On behalf of the Board, staff and players we thank every member for their support of our Team on their journey to Japan.” said Allen Vansen, Chief Executive Officer of Rugby Canada.

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