Maritime Championship – Battle for the Wheaton Cup – By Sean O’Brien

Sean O’Brien

Dartmouth PigDogs – Player


I’m sitting on the team bus, it’s six o’clock in the morning and this team, this Dartmouth PigDogs team is ready to play. One. More. Game. Not just any game, this is for the Maritime Championship. Everyone is focussed, we know what’s at stake, we were here last year and we had to watch another team celebrate. Not this year. Hell even the drinking team is giving everything they’ve got and it’s barely even 10 AM! It’s a long drive, but it’s not one that feels tedious, it’s not painful. Maybe it’s because these boys, this TEAM is ready! Ready for a battle, ready for a fight, ready to bring the trophy HOME.

The Trojans think that they have the advantage over us because we’re playing the game in their house. What they don’t realize, is that we’re here early, we’ve kicked the door in, raided the kitchen took their beer, sweet talked their girl into coming home with us and stole the keys. This isn’t their house anymore, this is the PigDogs home now, and we’re going to take full advantage of it! Ten minutes til kickoff, no one needs to be told to get their heads in the game, that happened as soon as we walked off the bus. The game? The game feels like a blur. Right off the kickoff and it’s time for a scrum, If our pack can control this one, we’ll control the day. And control it we do! All of a sudden it’s 7, no 14, no 21 to zero! You can hear the Trojan’s thinking “How in the hell did that happen?”. We know they’re going to try and make a comeback and we’re ready for it. When they score, we score. And then, something changes. Peter gets a pretty hard knock to the head, no one seems to quite know what to do. Take him out or leave him in? Our confidence is wavering. Peter goes to the sideline & we try to regroup, the Trojans score and we realize we need to get out of this half right now! At the half it’s 29-19 for us. The second half becomes a pretty intense defensive battle the Trojans keep trying to march the ball down the field, but we stand our ground. Paul makes a key play to keep them out of the try zone. We march it back up the field, we’re on our way to another try when Riley breaks his collarbone. All I can think is,”Guess this old man’s staying in for a little longer”…It’s 39-24. I take myself out soon after that, and I can barely watch. Funny thing about time, when you’re on the losing end it goes by in a blink of an eye. But when you’re winning, minutes feel like hours. When is this game going to end? And then that’s it, it’s over! We won! 44-24! We’re Maritime Champions! It’s time to celebrate, and also time to reflect. We all know who would’ve enjoyed this most of all, who would’ve been shouting encouragement from the sideline the whole game. Davin. And for a brief moment, there’s sadness instead of cheers. But then, we all hear the big man in our heads and feel him in our hearts, as he gives us the okay to celebrate. We’re not celebrating without him, he’s celebrating with us and telling anyone & everyone up in the sky about the PigDogs and how proud he is of us. Back on the bus for the drive home, “We Are The Champions” and beer that tastes like the most delicious beer I’ve ever tasted. Cause this is Championship beer! Next stop Doolittles, where I’m told the party won’t stop. Me, I just want to sleep in my bed. Rest my weary bones. As I drift off to sleep I can’t help but smile, I’ve never been more proud to call myself a PigDog, cause this is a team unlike any other. We’re not just friends, not just teammates, we are a Band of Brothers. We’ve been through a lot this year. And yet, here we are, the last team standing. The Dartmouth PigDogs are MARITIME FUCKING CHAMPIONS!!!!

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