PigDog Road Trip to PEI

What better way to start the month of August than with a PigDog road trip! On behalf of the PigDogs, it is safe to say this long overdue road trip was a success! Rugby was played, drinks were had, songs were sang, but most importantly, time was spent as a PigDog family.

Please take the time to read a few words from our fellow teammate Davin Moxsom.

Thank you goes out to those who made this road trip possible. Until the next one PigDogs!

Michelle Pineau
Social Director
Dartmouth PigDogs R.F.C


Last weekend saw both the PigDog teams take off for an Island tilt. The teams not only arrived on time Saturday morning at Doolittle’s, they also left on time as well. True to our Club’s nature, one car had to take a wrong turn.

Arriving on the Island and ready to play, our Ladies first played a spirited exhibition game vs. the PEI women. Both teams played with a short roster and trying new positions. This was a great learning experience for both sides and some players enjoyed the increased playing time. Our girls might have ended up on the wrong side of the score line at the end, but never gave up.

Next, Our Men’s team was up against the Mudmen in what was to be a great game that saw both sides play hard. There was no scoring in the first half as both teams felt each other out in some hard hitting and hard playing phases. The second half saw the Mudmen score first on a great individual effort. The Pigdogs would not give up and used a bigger pack and some skilled running to soon make the score 7-5. The hard game was soon to take its toll on both sides, but a deeper bench and some help from the hometown hero.... I mean referee, allowed the Mudmen to outlast the PigDogs and put in two more tries. All in all, it was a great game and showed both clubs how the playoffs or finals could look.

The biggest part of the weekend, the well known (and most important) “Third Half”  saw everything that a club could want. The bar was packed and friends were made after a great game. The Pigdogs soon took off to our home for the night. A campsite outside of town where we had our own space all to ourselves. This was very advantageous as singing and fun were soon to be had. At some point in the night after the rugby songs, beer pong, and various activities were had, Drunk Davin, not only got drunk but got naked along with some of the others. One American said this is when it was time for him to leave. I don’t know why, you would figure a guy from "the land of the free and home of the brave" would be a little more brave…and free.

All in all, it was a great weekend with lots of fun bonding and rugby.

Cheers all,

Davin Moxsom


The Guardian (PEI) Newspaper Article

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