A message from Rick Kitchin on 10 years of the LPD

 I would like to congratulate the LPD on their ten year anniversary.

You've traveled through many ups and downs over these first ten years, and today, you now stand with experience and wisdom that only time can grant.  The PigDogs have always been about family, from day one, and in 2005 when you came on board, the LPD expanded our family and maintained the PigDog integrity and social commitment to the sport of rugby and community. 

I understand the pride you gain when you become a PigDog and I want to thank all the original members who built the LPD and the commitment they put into building the club. I want to thank everyone, over the past ten years, who pulled the PigDog colours over their head and stepped on the field to represent the club. To the players, coaches, friends, families, supporters and sponsors who helped the LPD reach the ten year mark, I thank you all for everything you've done to make this a great success.

To the current members of the LPD, it is now up to you to continue the journey and do your part to help mark the 20th anniversary.

 Never take what you have for granted. It takes continuous work and commitment. Support your club mates, support your executive and enjoy your days of being a PigDog.


 - Kitch

Lady PigDog's 10 Year Anniversary and Club Day

IMG 4409

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the 2014 PigDog club day and celebrating the Lady PigDog's tenth season! It was a great day of rugby all made possible by our awesome PigDog family. 

We started with a session of mini rugby, and then moved to our home field where the men played a fantastic game against Truro and demonstrated their finesse with the backline, coming out with a 38-5 victory.  The Lady PigDog's followed with a game against the Truro women, a game that is always competitive between two strong packs, Truro managed to pull off a 43-38 win after a heartbreaking held up try on the final whistle. To commemorate the LPD's tenth season, we played some co-ed buggers, with the Original Lady PigDog's & PigDogs winning. 

In true PigDog fashion, we ended the day at Doolittle's with lots of rugby songs, a look back through the years, and of course, karaoke with Mike Gough!  

Thank you to our sponsors, Molson Canadian, Dave Doolittles, Linda Smardon, Forrest Brothers Construction and Q104; we truly appreciate all of your support. 

Good luck to both teams as they move along in their seasons! Next up for the PigDogs, road trip to PEI!

Elizabeth Wilson
Club President
Dartmouth RFC

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