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Rugby Canada has instituted a new mandatory online registration system beginning in the 2015 season.
❖ $140.00 (+ $5.55 Administration Fee) for Rugby Canada Insurance

Use the coupon code 17FGHQPRK503 to remove the club portion of the dues from your cart.  Contact your executive once you have filled out the online registration.

More information on how to complete the registration is available here.

Your 2017 Dartmouth PigDog RFC dues have been set as follows:

❖ $200 for senior players
❖ $175 for early birds and rookies
❖ $55 for junior players*
❖ $55 for mini players
❖ $55 for social membership

Player dues cover Rugby NS team dues, bonds, field and referee costs, partial tournament entry fees, and other expenses required to operate the club (liquor licenses, permits, supplies, etc). Players will not be eligible to play in regular season or playoff games until their dues are paid in full.

 All dues include status as an official member of the Dartmouth PigDogs RFC, which gives you voting rights for the annual general meeting (AGM) and end of season awards.**

Dues can be paid by cash, by cheque made out to Dartmouth PigDogs RFC, or via email money transfer to Please contact Tracey McDonald to arrange payment.

† A senior player is anyone who is 19 years old before December 31st, 2015. A junior player is anyone who is under 19 years old as of December 31st, 2015.  A mini player is anyone who is under 12 years old as of December 31st, 2015, mini players do not fill out the Rugby Canada Insurance form as listed at the top of the page.

‡ Early bird pricing is available if you register and pay by April 26st, 2017. Price includes Club Dues.
* No early bird pricing available to junior players.
** Not applicable to mini players

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